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squishsquish tummies are cute

sometimes i feel weird about my body so i draw mei squish squish

squishy tummies are the cutest

i needed this today



A good drying day

Sunny and breezy today and the washing machine has been going none stop. I’ve had a couple of people staying with me for the past two weeks, artists taking part in the BE Festival of European theatre, so the two washing lines that stretch across my garden have been loaded with bedding and towels, flapping in the breeze.

An American friend commented to me recently that they were surprised to discover that people in the UK still dry their washing outside. I was surprised at their surprise. I love the smell of washing that’s been dried on the line and don’t own a tumble dryer. I peg my washing outside all year round, even in winter and dry it on a rack in the greenhouse when it rains. This caused no surprise to my Spanish visitors who live in small flats and have clotheslines on their balconies.

According to the Office for National Statistics, I’m not terribly unusual, with less that 60% of UK households owning one in 2010. Tumble dryers use a lot of energy and so are still considered something of an expensive luxury here, even with our weather. I have solar panels that generate up to 3.5kw but the days when they generate the most electricity are the best days for drying outside. My friend’s comment reminded me of the Doonesbury cartoon strip that highlighted the ban on outdoor clotheslines in many areas across the USA and the attitude that some people have that they are akin to poverty. This is all despite tumble dryers’ high use of energy at a time when we should all be seriously trying to reduce our consumption.

If we can manage to get our washing dry without artificial help in the UK in our damp climate, anyone can. It’s free, it smells nice, the sun bleaches out stains on your whites, it creates no static and uses no fossil fuels. My neighbours’ line doubles as a badminton net and ours has fairy lights strung on it for parties. Got to go now. I’ve another load to peg out.

I find this extremely interesting.  Living in the US, I’ve always taken my tumble dryer for granted.   This article has prompted us to start discussing line drying as an option for our home.  



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One day at a time :)

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Recovery Thoughts


Recovery is eating in an attempt to silence the thoughts that eat away at you. Not everyone will applaud you for not measuring your ice cream, or for keeping down your dinner. These are normal things. Every defiant act against your eating disorder is another step towards a normal relationship with…

A Small Reminder....


  • If your lowest weight wasn’t less than X pounds/stones/kilograms.
  • Your illness is still valid.
  • If you didn’t restrict to less than X calories a day.
  • Your illness is still valid.
  • If you didn’t get to a certain dress size.
  • Your illness is still valid.
  • If you’ve never purged.
  • Your…

I Feel Too Full


I feel too full
I feel too full
I feel too full

I. Feel. Too. Full.


Just something that’s been on my mind lately. There IS alternatives you just have to look and see what works for you. Don’t let someone look down on you for your habit. You’re better than your scars (if you cut, burn, scratch, etc) and you’re better than your purging (if that’s what you do). No one deserves that pain.. #dontcut#dontpurge#dontselfharm#selfharmawareness#twloha#towriteloveonherarms#staustrong#imhere




I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.

Someone finally said it

Catch me off guard but still looking cute and innocent.

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